Pinch Network

Join our community of crypto wolfs on the prowl for airdrops, and receive a bonus from your referral rewards others fight over!

Why Pinch?

Community Leverage

PINCH stands out as a unique idea within the crypto space due to its innovative “Proof of Referral” (PoR) system that incentivizes community engagement and collaborative growth.

By leveraging referral campaigns tied to airdrops, PINCH creates additional value for both individual participants and the community as a whole.

This model not only rewards active participation but also fosters a sense of community by sharing referral bonuses.

The introduction of PennyPinchers NFTs adds another layer of value, offering increased rewards based on NFT rarity.

Overall, PINCH’s blend of community incentives, referral rewards, and NFT integration presents a compelling approach to value creation in the crypto ecosystem.

How to earn Pinch

Proof of Referral

Whenever you make a transaction on the blockchain using a service, chances are that you use a service who offers a referral program.

What if..
Whenever you used those services, you received a reward in return?


If you join an airdrop campaign and use the official Pinch referral code, you will earn additional PINCH from participating in the airdrop.


Whenever you use our referral links to decentralized exchanges, 90% of that reward is given back to the Pinch community.


Whenever you use our referral links to a bridge service provider, 90% of that reward is given back to the Pinch community.


We offer referral links to purchase hardware wallets and other types of hardware. 90% of the earned reward is given back to the Pinch community.

Digital Products

Digital products of all kinds, that offer a referral program. This could be games, editing software or other partners who offers a kickback.


Other digital services or service providers with referral programs, will be added along the way, to increase pennypinching potential.

Secure your unique PennyPincher NFT

Meet the Pinchers!

In an effort to reward our early adopters and our new community, we plan to launch our own unique NFT collection.

This NFT collection will provide owners with several perks, such as exclusive access to airdrops, alpha/beta testing, collaboration projects and much more!

A lucky few
will mint Epic and Legendary Pinchers, who will be entitled to 20% of PoR Airdrop rewards.

10.000 PennyPincher NFTs will be minted in total.

The mint price will be $5 worth of MATIC + gas fee.

Frequently Asked Questions