AlienXchain Airdrop

What is AlienXchain?

ALIENX is the AI-Based blockchain infrastructure built for the large-scale adoption of NFT, and Gaming.

50,000 AI nodes are running around the world and participating in network security observation and maintenance.

ALIENX aims to make billions of AI, NFT and Game assets integrated with blockchain possible.


Participation ChainArbitrum One
Final ChainAlienXchain
Type: PaidCost: $2 or less ETH
RequirementsMinimum $2 ETH

TGE date has not been confirmed yet, details will be added once available.


$AIX Airdrop

The AlienXchain airdrop is open and anyone can register!

Around $2 worth of ETH is needed on Arbitrum is needed to participate.

At the start of launch, ALIENX reserved 60% of $AIX token airdrop rewards for network users and ecosystem builders.

Remember to login daily to claim your rewards!

To receive the PINCH bonus, please register yourself on Tide as well.

Users who forget to register on Tide, will not receive a PINCH bonus.

Revenue Sharing

ALIENX will activate the gas fee revenue sharing feature 180 days after the mainnet launch.

This revenue will be shared by AI Node Runners, dapp developers and ecosystem users.

Native Staking

ALIENX is the only high-performance staking blockchain, compatible with EVM.

As a native staking chain that supports earning income with BTC, ETH, ARB, and NFTs, users on the ALIENX blockchain automatically earn network rewards.

AI Node Rewards

AI Node is the super node of the ALIENX blockchain, running through AI AGENT.

Everyone can purchase and participate in the operation of AI Nodes and earn network rewards.

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