Credia Layer Airdrop

What is Credia?

The Credia Layer ecosystem introduces a shift in Web3 credit scoring and resource management, merging DEPIN and AI to address traditional credit system flaws like centralization and transparency issues. It offers real-time, secure, and globally scalable credit assessments by integrating blockchain and AI, fostering trust and international financial interoperability. CREDIA LAYER represents a significant step in realizing Web3’s decentralization and user empowerment ideals.

Everyone can mine points, no expensive hardware is needed.


Participation ChainETH based EVMs
Final ChainSolana
Type: Free/PaidFree
Bonus?Mine Points & Quests
Daily Bonus?Yes, log in to claim

TGE planned for Q3 2024 – We are early!

Credia Airdrop

The tokenomics of Credia Layer is not yet public.

But we are very early, which means we are the lucky ones!

Remember to claim your 20 points everyday!

To receive the PINCH bonus, please register yourself on Tide as well.

Users who forget to register on Tide, will not receive a PINCH bonus.

Web3 CS

With massive Web3 datasets, we build a intelligent score ecosystem for evaluating users’ credit.


Depin and AI technology ensure the privacy of platform operation and the rationality of reward distribution

Credit Mining

Through mining with app/website, users can earn more scores to unlock more features of the platform.

Boost your points!

Boost the amount of points that you earn, and participate in quests to further increase your future rewards!

Below are some different options, all of which boosts your own Credia and PINCH rewards.

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