Initial Pinch Airdrop

TGE Token Allocation

30% of all PINCH will be unlocked at TGE.

The remaining 70% will be released over time, during different campaigns and partnerships.


Become an OG Pincher and participate in the PoR airdrops and campaigns on Tide!

Locked LP

20% of the PINCH token supply will be locked permanently to provide liquidity.

Future Release

The remaining 70% is to be released over the next couple of years.

OG lives matter!

How to participate

Participating in the OG Pincher airdrop is very easy.

Pinch is utilizing the quest platform to track and reward user based on their activity.

It it a requirement to complete the OG Pincher airdrop campaign, to secure a guaranteed airdrop.

Additional quests on Tide will be added along the way, to boost your allocation of Pinch tokens.

The majority of quests are new PoR airdrops, earning you both PINCH and native airdrop tokens!

Claim NFT

This is the most important step. If you aren’t an OG, then you won’t get a bag.

Join PoR Airdrops

The NFT is the cloth bag, now it’s time to fill it up! Participating in PoR Airdrops increases the weight.

Referral Bonus

Tide is actively working on a new referral program, and once it’s live, it will also become a factor.

Pressing buttons matter – Don’t stop until “it” is announced.

Countdown to TGE


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